Flexible Job Ideas For Working Mums

Dog watching

There is the possibility to find a way to watch over the dogs of other pet lovers who need help. There are many websites online and the UK that deal with organizing this type of pet care and house care as well, so you would still have the potential to take care of this and earn some money in the process.

House clearance

Not the most glamorous job on the market, but it happens to be present at all times no matter where you live and the need for it is always there. Housekeeping jobs can be found with a number of reliable clearance companies, as well as around the world, so the end results are always the same: you get a decent chance to make money domestic clearance, garden clearance or flat clearance.

Odd jobs and running errands

There are a number of classifieds websites that offer the chance to connect you to people who need all manner of odd jobs who need doing. There are websites dedicated to such jobs that help provide payment upon completion of the task at hand, acting for bids on certain jobs and more. From handling grocery shopping to other tasks someone else can’t do, you will have a chance to work these and get paid for them.


There is a great opportunity to make some pretty good money if you have a teaching background. Simply helping with homework or doing group homework session with a number of kids can be a great way to make it, especially since this is a job you can easily work on while your baby sleeps. You can even pay for a babysitter to take care of your child while at the same time you still make enough per hour to offset the expense.

Being a secret shopper

Since big companies often need real consumers to walk into a store to check the way their products are being displayed, as well as seeing the quality of customer care, you will get a good chance to make some money in the process. There are apps for that so you can get in touch and organized to find the necessary jobs.

Technical and office work

If you happen to have good skills at data entry, office skills, Photoshop and so on, then you will have a really nice chance to make it count. Work from home for offices has never been easier in the information age, so you would stand to gain a lot by finding a job of this kind so you can make money without fail.